Who Am I?

My name is Josh Knuiman and I am an Accredited Exercise Physiologist who works with young people with developmental disabilities. I have had a passion for working with people with disability since I was in high school and worked as a volunteer teaching basketball skills to a group of young men with a passion for sport. Since then I have worked at an exercise clinic for youth, on multidisciplinary therapy teams, and in the community in varied roles supporting physical activity participation, movement confidence, strength, fitness and much more!

In 2018 I completed a Master of Exercise Science by Research investigating the factors that related to physical activity participation, enjoyment and motivation for young people with disability. Following this I presented at the Autism West Symposium on the benefits of physical activity for young people with autism spectrum disorders.

It is my firm belief, and passion that ALL people deserve the opportunity to feel confident and supported to move their body and participate in physical activity. On this blog I will be sharing the latest research on autism and exercise, as well as practical information on how to support people with autism to engage in physical activity and achieve their full potential, but most importantly, I hope to build a community of people who are passionate about supporting people with autism.

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