Get active during lockdown!

I am sure that the current restrictions in WA have come as an unwelcome shock to many of you. With the commencement of school being postponed, many families are uncertain about the coming days and weeks, especially those with children with additional needs.

While therapy may be on hold (or online), and school may be postponed, here are some ways that you can remain active at home, and “improve your move”.

  1. Pressure

For many young people on the spectrum, sensory needs play a large role in their ability to regulate and participate in activities. Finding ways to incorporate pressure (i.e. proprioception) into the day can improve self-regulation, manage anxiety and support learning.

Exercise is a great way to get lots and lots of proprioceptive input! Try some of the below ideas for a simple, sensory, minimal equipment workout.

Wall Push Up

Chair Squat

Towel Pull

Ball Squeeze

2. Motor Planning

For many (myself included!), planning complex movements can sometimes be very challenging, due to the number of parts, or the amount of brain power needed to sequence them together.

Practising movements that cross the midline, challenge our balance, and provide our brain with learning opportunities improve our motor skills and increase confidence to participate in physical activity.

Try some of the moves below!

Cross Crawl

Scissor Jump

Tandem Walk

3. Active Play

Lastly, make sure to include some create, physical activity into your day! This can be anything, from dancing, to Exer-Games, chasey in the backyard, shooting on a basketball hoop, kicking or throwing a ball, the list goes on!

Aim to move for at least 30 minutes a day, aiming for an hour.

Stay safe, until next time…


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