Exercise Physiology and the NDIS

Navigating the crazy world that is the National Disability Insurance Scheme can be a bumpy ride. I get it. With new found flexibility and access, also comes an ever changing, complex system that is far from “user friendly”. So what do you really need to know? Well here are my top tips for attending thatContinue reading “Exercise Physiology and the NDIS”

Get active during lockdown!

I am sure that the current restrictions in WA have come as an unwelcome shock to many of you. With the commencement of school being postponed, many families are uncertain about the coming days and weeks, especially those with children with additional needs. While therapy may be on hold (or online), and school may beContinue reading “Get active during lockdown!”

Literature Review

As an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, researcher and passionate autism clinician, it is important to stay up to date with relevant literature in the field. I intend to provide easy to read, concise summaries of important or relevant articles on this page. Please find below a breakdown of a recent influential paper, titled: Prevalence of MotorContinue reading “Literature Review”

Exercise during youth: why is it so important?

Young people who are given more opportunities to be active are not only exposed to a large range of movement skills that enable them to confidently and safely participate in a wide range of activities, but are also more likely to engage in physical activity across their lifespan, and physical activity behaviours that begin duringContinue reading “Exercise during youth: why is it so important?”